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ISIC: international student identity card coupled with a myriad of discounts

The ISIC offers a number of discounts for your journey, leisure activities and many things more – these benefits are not only available to you in Switzerland but accessible worldwide! There are over 150.000 benefits in more than 130 countries waiting for you. At the same time, the ISIC serves you as official proof of student status all around the world. Get the ISIC now!

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  • Our cards
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    From student ID to teacher ID or your personal travel card. With ISIC, ITIC or IYTC you will get the perfect card.

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  • Travel with ISIC
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    ISIC is essential for traveling, because no other student ID is more recognized and more accepted globally.

    Travel with ISIC
  • Car rental
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    Europe, USA or Canada. Find the car of your choice with ISIC.

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  • Discounts worldwide
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    Profit as much as you can. With ISIC you get access to more than 150.000 discounts in over 130 countries.

    Discounts worldwide

Latest benefits

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    komoot: Save 8.99 €


    Free region bundle of your choice

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    ISIC-exclusive 14% discount - 2 samples for free!

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  • Desenio 360x240

    Desenio: 20% discount on posters


    Beautify your home with trendy wall decorations.

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    Goodiebox: Welcome gift


    Free hair towel worth €25

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  • John Reed 2018 360x240

    JOHN REED: only 55 CHF for your membership


    Exclusive offer for your gym membership.

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  • Teufel 360x240

    Teufel: 13% discount


    First-class sound systems for your home.

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About ISIC:

The student identity card (ISIC) is the only internationally accepted proof of bona fide student status and provides all cardholders access to more than 150.000 benefits available in over 130 countries.

Born out of the idea to establish a single, international identity card serving as universal proof of bona fide student status, the ISIC was first created in 1953 by a group of pioneering students and has been officially recognized and endorsed by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) since 1968. Originally developed to provide students with access to discounts on travel opportunities, the ISIC allowed cardholders to discover new countries, languages and cultures and thereby helped nurture cross-cultural understanding and international exchange. Simultaneously, the ISIC aimed to grant students access to all student institutions and services when travelling.

Even today, travel benefits remain central to the card. The ISIC provides a multitude of discounts for flights, hotel accommodation and sights. Additionally, the scope of ISIC benefits and discounts has been significantly broadened rendering the ISIC an indispensable companion in everyday life. The ISIC provides preferential and discounted access to language courses, online stores, public transport, cafés and eateries, sporting events, cultural activities and entertainment amongst a myriad of other sectors.

All full-time students 12 years and older can obtain an ISIC card. Benefits are also available to youth and young adults 30 years and younger with the International Youth Travel Card (IYTC) and full-time teachers and professors with the International Teacher Identity Card (ITIC). ISIC, IYTC, and ITIC are valid for a year starting from the issuing date.


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