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Curious about the world? Learning another language expands your horizon, connecting you with people from around the globe. Learn a language with Babbel - the fun, easy and effective way!

Whether it's to practice your speaking, writing or comprehension skills, Babbel offers you everything you need to get off to a great start. Developed by language experts, our courses are continually being updated, making sure you stay motivated every time you learn! What's more, you can learn on the go with your smartphone or tablet – we sync your progress for you!

 Simply choose any one of our 14 languages to learn and get 1 month absolutely free when you purchase a 3-month subscription with your ISIC-card. Your will be charged only 19,95 €, but will benefit from 4 months access to a language of your choice. This offer is only valid via a desktop browser, so try out the first lesson now, sign up and get your special offer right away!

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