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ONO – Das Kulturlokal

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ONO - excites cultural curiosity.

ONO - a place to discover the unknown and new.

ONO - promotes and supports contemporary cultural productions.

ONO - strives for an original program of cultural and social relevance.

ONO - presents artists from various cultural disciplines: from music, dance, and theatre to literature and art; from well-established artists to upcoming innovators; from local to international voices.

ONO is an interdisciplinary cultural scene set on displaying eclectic and diverse forms of art, unlike the “kleintheater kramgasse 6” which preceded it. ONO attempts to capture and represent new movements and currents in the cultural landscape on stage and to establish a room of expression for innovative thought. But Das Kulturlokal also welcomes artistic legends. It offers an intimate space for one-time events such as the unplugged concerts of the world-famous ex-Genesis singer Ray Wilson. More conventional and popular forms of artistic expressions like Poetry Slam are as much part of the program as the lesser known derivatives like Science Slams or the Bilingual Slams for both deaf and hearing persons (sign language). ONO strives to become a place of undertones that trigger resonant and lasting cultural reverberations; a place without shape and anchor to be ceaselessly re-discovered, re-invented and reflected. The aim is to inspire and instigate thought and reflection about society and its cultural productions.

Focal points: sounds, jazz, classical music, fine arts, literature, dance and theatre

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