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Our new English online programme designed by ELT-Tiger is creating quite a buzz. It was developed by linguists from the University of Cambridge with the sponsorship and full support of the UK Ministry of Defence. During a full scale, official trial, ELT-Tiger scored higher levels of retention amongst students than the program by the British Council. Lingua Tours are a specialist provider of education travel in the UK, with offices in Scotland.

ELT- Tiger:

  • It can be used online and offline.
  • Contents are all original and structured.
  • Our online English training programme separates the core structure of the English language from its applications, allowing customisation and fast advancement to specialist modules in areas of interest almost immediately.
  • User friendly, thanks to video, audio, animation, quiz, assessments and other tools. There is a 'core structure to the program', which you can build on your English skills with self-contained modules.
  • It is the only programme to provide a complete map of the structural system of the English language, for faster and more effective learning.

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